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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PST

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. >> okay. well good morning and thank you for being here today. i am from the office of workforce development. we're here in in initiative in placing san franciscans in this industry and following the mayor is ron conway and followed by jewel us trueus and jose and a student at bay cat and the tech of the advisory committee and rhonda simmons the director of the office of workforce development division in owdad. we're going to hold questions until the close of the program which the
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speakers will answer those questions and with that mayor lee. >> thank you. good morning everyone and go giants. yeah. [applause] well, let me begin by thanking everybody here. when i first began as mayor i said jobs was the most important thing we could do for people to get and i tell you what less than two years later that is still the most important thing that we can be doing and creating jobs, making people have the opportunity to get them and trained and educated and placing them in the newest areas in our technology industry and when ron conway. ron just arrived and got out of at&t together. we worked together and had a personal agreement if we were as a city were to help technology we were going to have
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technology help us, so less than two years later when i first started the unemployment rate in san francisco was 9.6% and last friday we flipd that number in less than two years. [applause] lead my all the industries but most importantly by our technology industry. over 14,000, to 15,000 jobs were technology sector alone so it's right for us to make sure our future, our kids, our returning veterans, our people in their mid-career of their jobs now have an opportunity to really join in this job creating effort, and i still will say it's the private sector working with city government that's going to create the newest jobs for generations to come. today as part of the ongoing month of orange, month of innovation
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it's not only a celebration we all declared it innovation month and we wanted to make this announcement today about the steps we're taking for the on going work of tech sf and again it wasn't just a pronouncement that we wanted to create jobs we have to make it work, and there are three elements that make this work for everybody. because still flipping 9.6 to 6.nine still means a lot of people are unemployed. this city won't be successful unless everyone joins in the industry and tech sf is the way to ensure that happens. it is education. it is training and it is placement. those three elements as part of anybody's announcement in program have to be seen all the way through and this is what tech sf is doing. doing it with some wonderful
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community based organizations like year up, like bay cat, and bay vat. all three worked with sf city and city government under our leadership with the office of economic and work force development and we succeeded at landing a $8 million grant from the department of labor. i want to thank secretary sois for this opportunity and have appreciation for president obama and it was his idea of stimulating our economy to get these funds and we're going to use it for a long time. we're going to make this a great foundation, so tech sf is about utilizing those funds, creating an association with these technology companies that are creating the new jobs and the new products that come out. asking those technology companies to help us identify the skill sets, and then
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working with our educational institutions like san francisco state or city college which we invested on and want to continue their success and make sure there is curriculum developed so the skill sets that they want and those that are really growing and we have in addition to twitter and zinga and sales force we have products like the ones that are newly forming and moving into market street that are coming up. jack dorsi 's company and using the cell phones to we can buy everything off the phone. >> [inaudible] >> that's right. these other companies are moving in. they're helping us transform physically but we're also asking can i get a chance of working in those companies? can i get a chance of doing this? and i want to say yes to every kid, to every returning veteran, to everybody who is challenged with
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their careers now and say yes can you, and through tech sf we are making an announcement today. we are going to create in the next five years 2500 permanent jobs with our partners in sf cities and 500 jobs a year for the next five years. this is where we're going. this is how we think by training people, educating them in the skill sets and making a commitment today, and you will see some examples. we're not just talking. we will provide you with some people who have already been hired as they went through this job training effort. did what they did as individuals to get those skill sets and we're honoring that commitment by getting them jobs. you will hear from a couple of them today and we know we can do it and like with sf city and with the private industries and with the summer jobs program
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and united way in the bay area and our educators and school systems and leaders. we created the jobs and that created a foundation that we could be very successfulful, so i wanted to make that announcement. of course our 17 point economic jobs plan that i announced when i ran for mayor and we will see this through with our community base partners and with leadership as mr. lindsey is doing and with the staff and on going commitment from the technology companies who now number 350, and i am probably short on that ron. it's probably more than that. companies that signed up to be partners in sf city. it's about their success but it's also about our success in being partners with them. that's how i want to continue managing the city. it's the private public
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partnerships fulfilling the prormzs for the neighborhoods, making sure there are in roads and connectors and real life examples of people transforming their lives with these opportunities. this is what sf success is about. it's about coming back. it's about what the giants are doing on the field. it's our success to be shared with everybody so i am happy to make this announcement of tech sf. we are not only doing the training but doing the placement and making sure people in the midcareers, whether coming back from the military they have the opportunity for the sill sets and get directly into it. we have a commitment from the companies at tech sf they're going to use them as their principle place of landing their new recruits and this is why the commitment is so
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demonstrable, so i'm pactful for our city. a lot of political people will say "i promise you a job" and you never see it. we are doing all the basic things and i commit to those coming through tech sf and today we have the first class of 80 people. you're going to see these jobs coming into your hands because you're doing the right thing and you're creating the opportunity for yourself and we are matching it up with companies hiring in san francisco already and i tell you the members of sf city and ron's leadership and leadership of others and not only are they already looking for talent and working here, living here, having fun with your jobs and creating and inventing and getting other people on board this is the way our city should work. i want to thank you for joining on this announcement and i know we will hear from other
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speakers representing this and ron come on up. [applause] >> thank you mayor lee. it's an honor to be here and it's great that we did two things in the month of october. we're reinforcing that san francisco is the innovation capital of the world and the giants are going to win the world series, so october is a great month for san francisco. i represent the 350 plus members of sf city which is basically a tech chamber of commerce that we formed in january of this year, and we have 350 member companies, many of those representatives are here. and those 350 companies represent probably 90% of the
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tech population of san francisco, and it's the tech companies who are doing the most hiring right now. we will fill over 6500 jobs this year, and even more jobs next year, so it's incumbent upon sf city with its partnership with tech sf to match this year and next year's 6500 job opportunities to san franciscans who have been trained and get them placed into the tech companies and it's a logistics job but it's very, very possible, and the sf city staff is going to go out, ask our member companies who are you going to hire in the next 18 months. we're going back to tech sf and we are going to say
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we add up all these jobs. let's go to city college, san francisco state and make sure their classes are training for these jobs and then when the students graduate we match them right into the tech companies of san francisco. it's that simple, but now we have the mechanism to do it. tech sf and sf city. this is a marriage made in heaven and will continue to create more jobs in san francisco especially after we pass proposition e, which will also create more jobs in san francisco. i want to recognize the companies who have already signed up to do this matching process, to create jobs, and place them for san francisco residents. some of the companies that have already signed up in tech include auto
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desk, cbs interactive. deloit at or about. jawbone, ja goil. linkedin. julia, tril -- zeus and swrenga and there are representatives of those companies here and i want to give them a round of applause. [applause] these are the first of the 350 that will be participating and we are very, very proud to be part of the tech sf team and with that i would like to introduce andrew lindy of jawbone. [applause] >> thanks ron. it really is a pleasure to be before all of you today and a representative of
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jawbone. jawbone for those don't know has been a resident of san francisco for over ten years while we are very much in the start up stage we are a long-term resident to the city and committed to the city in building products here and as well as employing san francisco residents. we are one of 350 companies in sf city. ron mentioned the commitment of sf city to san francisco and to jobs in san francisco and jawbone is certainly a part of that. i could go on about how cool our products are and how great the jam box is. i think i have a head set in my pocket that we make but this isn't about us. it's about you, the students and tech sf is really about the student and it is advisory committee is about ensuring that this organization meets the needs of students so students can meet the needs of
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companies like jawbone and we want to hire you. we really. do we are growing incredibly fast. the technology industry is growing incredibly fast and we are looking for talented committed people and that's who we are partnering with and all of the various companies and it's exciting to look at this room at this inaugural class of tech sf students and knowing a couple of years from now when you're graduating and we will have conversations and "please come join jawbone. please come join twitter" and it's exciting and tech sf will make sure you have the skills we're looking for and highly marketable in the industry and i commend you and
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think about us when are graduating, but this is something jawbone has been committed to hiring here for a long time. committed to hiring interns but i am particularly excited today -- in some ways it's a coincidence or some ways meant to be and laron ryan is in the audience today. he came in about five months ago as a summer intern from the mayor's summer jobs plus program and expressed an interest in technology and worked over the course of the summer and everyone at jawbone was impressed with his background and commitment to jawbone and today was his -- or is first day of work at jawbone so he's an employee of jawbone. [applause] i am happy and thrilled. thank you for coming today. thank
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you. and i think that is a representative story, and so i encourage all the students here today go out and get internships, get the experience, see what it is about the tech companies that excites and you again we want you. he is one of several examples and i know timothy and lily anne from bay vac -- i think they're in the back. they're here as well, and in addition clara from europe. she's the 2011 -- clara? yeah. don't be embarrassed. is a 2011 graduate of the year program and now at sales course as a partner sales specialist and that is another example how the programs can open opportunities and doors for the youth in the city, but in addition to the students, and this event being about the students i know there are representatives from sf city here today and i know there are
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a number of employers here and this event is both introduction to you, and an opportunity for you to get involved. in your packets you have a survey and that survey shows the opportunities you have to get involved right away. whether it's a mentor to tech sf, whether to be a member of tech sf and opportunities and ways for you to hire employees through tech sf. so all of the employers here today don't forget to return the survey when you're leaving that is in your packet. i am honored ear to be here today and congratulations to these students. >> >> [applause] >> as the mayor mentioned today is a celebration of you the students that are here today. we have a couple students who will be speaking and sharing what tech sf means to them. first we will have julie who is
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a veteran and student right now and currently an intern at wikipedia if i am not mistaken so julie come on up here. [applause] >> hi. thanks for having me. i am really nervous. anyway tech sf -- wow, i see this project as a answer to our prayers because i share the worries of a lot of students regarding internships and permanent employment opportunities, so thank you for this program. the office of economic and work force development and mayor and dr. momordi and the computer head of engineering at sf state. well i guess i am here today to tell you a story -- well, i
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will tell you one about opportunities . with blessing and disguise i see opportunities in different forms. several years ago i hit a roadblock in my life and i saw the military as an opportunity to change my life and change the life of others, so i signed up to be a soldier in the army, and i did this quick fast and in a hurry so i don't have time to change my mind. it's a nerve wracking experience, but one that do i not regretd, so when i signed up i was shipped out in three weeks. i was presented with a lot of job offers from being a 42 alpha or paper pusher, i guess -- that's what we call
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it. combat camera and a medic which is a job that will give you $40,000 signing bonus. hefty but i didn't take it. instead i took a job at a broadcast technician and thought that will give me a lot of future bonuses than any quick cash can give me, so as a 25 romero i thought i think my father's prediction was right 20 years ago. he told me that the it industry will grow exponentially and he was right, so i took the job, and kept my eyes closed, and after getting shipped out i received a lot of
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letters from family and friends saying, wishing me luck because they thought it wasn't a very bright idea for me to take that opportunity to change my life. i proved them wrong, but when i got hurt -- during active duty that made them think for a minute they were right, but that roadblock didn't stop me and i saw that as another opportunity to learn. with the gi bill i am going to school and continue my career in the engineering field. i currently go to san francisco state as a computer engineering student and there i am able to learn more about my field, my field of interest, and i think this will provide me with those opportunities that i was
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talking about, especially being in the bay area where it's like the it capital of the world, so what better place to be than san francisco; right? i didn't do this quick, fast, and in a hurry. i actually thought about this one, so after much research i saw this program, and sf state and the city as what ron would say "a match made in heaven" because computer engineering is what i call a hybrid between electrical engineering and computer science because it world has many different sectors and you want to be versatile. you don't want to -- well, some of us would prefer to be
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experts in one field. for example programming or making robots, but i think being versed in both sides of the spectrum tells you tremendously understanding programming, electronics, signal processing, networking, chip design -- i could go on and on, and i think this will give us more opportunities in the area rather than being skilled in one thing. now i'm a senior and i am graduating in the spring, fingers crossed and i couldn't have made a better choice. i think computer engineering was the best choice for me. like i said opportunities are not always readily available. we all get nervous about that.
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sometimes we need to take charge and take those opportunities so last summer i decided to take it a step further and i applied for probably about 200 different interning opportunities that i saw available on craigslist and on company websites, on government websites and i got lucky a few of them called back out of about -- maybe about 5% of them, but i put my faith into the hands of these companies. it was out of my hands once i click the "submit" button, but i was lucky to come across a nonprofit organization that put their faith in me, so now i work as an it intern where people share the sum of all knowledge, where knowledge is free,
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wikipedia. that's their promotional line; right. so last week i asked my boss why he hired me when i got invited to be part of this program, so he said to me "well, there were a lot of other students. many from impressive private schools -- i wouldn't name them, but they were very, very impressive with proficiencies in programming c or engineering and there -- they were academically inclined but they chose little old me, and this is what he said to me. he said he hired me because i was the only one that said i was there to learn". i had more questions for them than they had for me, so it was pretty much their interview, so
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as much as i work now i feel like i take away far more than i am able to contribute with the amount of knowledge that i gain everyday. i think that's a bonus. and in the it world our building blocks -- you all know this. our language is made up of two bits; right? a zero and a one. so off and on. we have to be a zero in order to be a one, so i see a life as binary because when we stop learning we stop living so always take the opportunity to learn. thank you. [applause] >> thank you julie. up next we will have jose who is a student
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at bay cap. [applause] >> hi everyone. first of all thanks for having me. i'm actually used to be the guy behind the camera, not in front of it, so bear with me. mayor lee, distinguished guest of owad, sf city, sf partners it's a real honor to be here to speak to you today and my work experience and path. i was originally born in elvaldoor and my mom brought me here at ten. after graduating high school i wasn't sure what career path to take even though i really like media and technology i didn't know there was a career path for it. everybody kept on telling me you should be a doctor, a lawyer because that's where the money is. the usual thing that parents say. it seemed to me
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you really have to be very lucky and hard working like a steven speilburg or end up video taping weddings which i have done and there is nothing wrong with. so in community college i finally decided to take a video production course which lead me to pursue a degree in broadcasting and i just dove in. my first semester at san francisco state i realized i would need some real world experience, and so i applied and was accepted into the internship at bay cat and i never left so i am still there. i learned so much there, not just the technical skills, but also soft skills needed to get hired in any work place. i love the work so much so i chose to stay on and i'm going to be a volunteer just to be able to learn the advance production skills and help the next generation


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